Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger Collection Swatches (Part 2)

Hi there! This is the last part of my swatches on M.A.C's Blogger's Collection. This post will feature swatches of the eyeshadows. Let me first begin by saying any of these will be flattering on anyone.
I love all four, my unexpected favorite being Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! So let's start there. SNS is a medium reddish rusty brown loaded with yellow gold sparkles. It's FABULOUS!! I'd heard the creator of the shade say a number of people had been telling her that this is THE shade for women of color. I am inclined to agree! I thought it would blend right into my skin but it didn't! It gave the perfect amount of depth and contrast. I can't wait to use it alone with a dark brown eyeliner for a super simple natural smokey eye. Ladies PLEASE check this out! It's pigmented and goes on well. Next up is Parisian Skies. This (along with SNS) was a color I had planned on skipping until I listened to the inspiration for the color. A Monet painting! Since Monet paintings were the inspiration for my middle name AND my mom had bought me a similar shade of blue eyeshadow years ago I knew I had to check it out. A dusty midtone cornflower blue with bright blue pearl. It too is fabulous! It really does look like a Parisian Sky. This has a great texture and is a unique color in terms of what we are used to seeing. I think it will be gorgeous paired with greys and neutrals. Love it. Next up is Hocus Pocus. I LOVE the name! I keep thinking of the movie Hocus Pocus. The name is totally fitting of this shadow because it has alot going on. Depending on the angle and lighting it has a pewter, silver, gold, or khaki green cast to it. The base color is a smoky charcoal, or a very neutral brown charcoal. I'm really not sure. the pearl is multi-colored as well. Gold, green, a stray orange fleck. All of this is subtle which comes together to make a dramatic and unique shadow. The creator wanted a color that could be used alone to acheive a smokey eye. She succeeded! It will depend on the shade of your skin how dramatic the effect will be, but I assure you it will be gorgeous irregardless. Pick one up! Last but not least we have Jealousy Wakes. This is another color-shifting shade. Sometimes it looks emerald, teal or blue. It's just pretty. It has a gorgeous gold pearl strewn through it and I can even see some silver in there as well. It's pigmented but the the texture is a little odd. Even though it's a Veluxe Pearl finish it has this flaky feel to it. Usually that finish is smooth. Don't get me wrong there's no fallout or difficulty in application it's just something I've never seen in the M.A.C Veluxe Pearls I've come across. It's actually kind of cool! This is another stunner!
Overall this collection (including glosses) was AMAZING! The colors are unique, pigmented and universally flattering. I think serioius consideration should be given to making them permanent. Or at least semi-permanent like the last couple of Viva Glams M.A.C has released. Great job ladies! Congrats on seeing your dream product come to life AND cheers to it being wildly popular! Pics below are all swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion and are (Top to Bottom) Jealousy Wakes, Sparkle Neely, Sparkle!, Parisian Skies and Hocus Pocus.

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