Sunday, November 14, 2010

All About YOU!

Hey guys! I can't believe how my blog has grown and I'm so excited! I want to know more about my followers! What would you guys like to see more of? I want to know! Have something you want to share? Tell me! Any questions, suggestions or recommendations are welcomed as well! If you don't want to leave a comment feel free to email me!
 I've been a bit sick lately and haven't posted any looks, but I plan on shooting some very soon. I'm a little backed up with all the products I've been wanting to showcase (Tartan Tale, Style Black, Dr. Facillier, etc.) so I've got alot of work to do :) Until then I wan to hear from YOU!


  1. Okay! Here are 3 personal suggs::: being new to the whole "full face" game I'm still learning how to pick (1)color combos, esp. in terms of eye shadows.
    (2) I've been wondering, is a grey glossy eye a good idea? I love grey...
    (3) How can one do color without beating your face to death?? Sometimes I just wanna look natural but kinda colorful too..

  2. Hi Medina! When picking eyeshadows start with colors you like. Then pair them with neutrals like grey, beige and bronzed. Urban Decay's Naked Palette would be perfect for you! Yes greys would look fab on you, and making it glossy would be even better! I suggest M.A.C's Copperplate, Knight Divine or Print shadows to start. There so many more out there though! What I do to add color to a neutral face is use a colored eyeliner like dark blue, gray, purple or green. That way it's really subtle and not too overwhelming. Next I go with a brighter blush. With your grey eye go for pink or peachy cheeks like NARS Super Orgasm which is my all time favorite blush or Lancomes Shimmer Pink Pool Blush. Next thing you could do is use a sheer bright gloss in orange, peach, pink or purple. In my next post I'll give you an example of what I mean using the products I just suggested. Hope this helps! :-)