Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows 3!

I was finally able to nab this from Sephora! I totally missed it when it was available on Urban Decay's website. I guess I wasn't available those particular 10 minutes it was in stock on that one day. But I'm no longer (as) miffed now that I have my beloved Book Of Shadows in hand!  Boy is it gorgeous! From the lighted inner lid to all 7 of the new colors I'm totally amped! All of the new colors are total winners! The city themed names of all the colors in the palette is so fitting and cute.
 I've heard alot of people asking if they have BOS 2 is it necessary to get volume 3? Yes it is. It's also necessary to get it if you have volume 1, the Ammo Palette, Alice in Wonderland BOS or a limited number of Urban Decays single shadows. Or if your a collector. I guess what I'm really saying is if you want it or think you want it and can afford to; get it.
I don't buy any Urban Decay single shadows just so I can get them in palette form.
This is such a great deal and you can create a myriad of looks with one item. I find it sparks my creativity and my desire to experiment, and I'm sure it will yours too. You get a mini original Primer Potion and two travel size 24/7 liners along with the 16 shadows. This would make a great gift for yourself or someone else and is a fab intro to the world of makeup and/or Urban Decay. All of the colors are well pigmented and apply very smoothly. In my pictures there is NO base underneath the swatches! So with the Primer Potion these colors will absolutely SING! Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows Volume 3 Retails for $54. It can be purchased at Sephora (still available online as of today), Ulta, Macy's and I can't give exact dates becuase those never seem to hold true but keep monitoring these sites to grab yours. Now on to color descriptions and more photos!

These are listed in the order they appear in the palette. Left to Right & Top to Bottom.

Perversion- Deep Matte Black (This was in BOS 1&2 as well)
UZI- Pigmented Metallic Silver with Silver Glitter (I hear it's prone to fallout so I'd pat it on instead of sweep. I haven't used this in a look but when I do I'll try it over my Pixie Epoxy and see if that works too)
Loaded- NEW Rich Blackend Frosty Forest Green (I LOVE this color! It was one I was most excited for. this screams smoky eyes.)
Kush- NEW Sparkly Midtone Grassy Green ( I love this color. From the pics I've seen of "kush" this shadow is spot on. Very pretty.)
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again [MCRA]- You know I really want to love this color, I really do. It's a glitter bomb. I have a bit of success getting the glitter to stay in place but quite a bit does fall to my cheeks throughout the day. I can't say I mind glittery cheeks but that's not how it's supposed to work. It's such a pretty color. A burnished neutral beige with loads of silver glitter. I'm going to try a spray (like M.A.C's Fix +) on my brush and Pixie Epoxy to see if I can get this baby to work. Oh, and UD where's the love for Midnight Cowgirl?? I've had enough of Midnight Cowboy! Midnight Cowgirl deserves a run! This has been in BOS2 and Alice in Wonderland BOS as Midnight Tea Party.
Last Call- Frosty Rich Neutral Berry I adore this color! It's so flattering on Chocolate Skin! It goes SO well with most other colors in all the other palettes it's been in. It's appeared in BOS 1, the Ammo Palette & Alice in Wonderland BOS as Queen.
Rockstar- NEW Rich Frosty Eggplant Purple. This was another one I couldn't wait to get my hands on! It's perfect for smokey eyes. This will also make brown eyes pop, so pretty!
Money- NEW Pale Frosty Silvery Green. This color is right on the money (HA!). It's exactly the color of money in eyeshadow form. On my skin more of the silver frost comes through but with certain bases I'm sure I could get more of the green to pop. Fair skinned ladies this will be GORG on you! This is such  a pretty shade and will be lovely with Kush.
Haight- NEW Deep Frosty Teal. This is another pretty shade. Hot on fair and deep skin!
Maui Wowie- Burnished Cool Gold with Silver Glitter. This is one of my favorite colors from UD. I was really surprised to hear that alot of people found this to be a glitter bomb! I never have any problems at all with this. Go figure. This color is SO gorgeous! On deep, fair and every other skintone in between this is a hot color. I find it goes with most other colors it's paired with. It's made an appearance in the Ammo Palette, and Alice in Wonderland BOS as Wonderland.
Smog- Warm Frosty Bronze. This is such a gorgeous neutral/ nude! A stunner on blue eyes and so pretty on deeper skin as a quick shimmery accent. What a perfect color. This has been in the Ammo Palette, Naked Palette, Show Pony Palette and BOS 1.
Bordello- NEW Cool Light Frosty Mauve with a Gold Glitter/ Shimmer. This is only faintly mauve on my skin but on fairer skin this will appear more "pan true". A stunner nonetheless on all skin and paired with Last Call  or Rockstar.
Radium- NEW Rich Frosty Royal Blue. WOW! One of my absolute faves!! This is so bright and pigmented. I think would be so amazing on the darkest of dark skin. Yes my beauties the brighter the color the more amazing it will look on dark chocolate skin. I love seeing neon colors on ghost pale and charcoal skin. Us that fall somewhere in the middle will also be all over this color. It will be amazing on anyone whether used as a lid color, liner or accent.
Snatch- Peachy Pink with Gold Glitter. I really like this color. This is a very versatile color. Use it on the lid, to highlight, or soften other colors. You really can't go wrong here. This has been in the Show Pony Palette and Preen Palette.
Suspect- NEW Midtone Frosty Sand. Another great neutral that will be a great compliment to most colors it's paired with.
Psychedelic Sister- Frosty Reddened Purple with Deep Pink Frost. This was released this summer as a Sephora exclusive color. This color is SO pretty. Gorgeous on brown eyes. This would make an amazing accent color in a neutral look.
Ransom 24/7 Liner- Vibrant Blue Purple. Incredibly smooth and pigmented. It has a blue irridescence to it. Gorgeous!
Zero 24/7 Liner- Rich Black- Smooth, pigmented and does not budge. One of my favorite black liners. It stays put on my waterline and wherever I put it. Watch out though it has minimal smudge time!

L-R Perversion, UZI, Loaded, Kush

L-R: MCRA, Last Call, Rockstar, Money

L-R: Haight, Maui Wowie, Smog, Bordello

L-R: Radium, Snatch, Suspect, Psychedelic Sister

L-R: Zero, Ransom Liners


  1. beautiful colors!! thanks for the swatches!! I soo want this but just spent a TON on the venomous villians collections...sooo...yeah...idk if I can afford it before they sell out again!!

  2. You're welcome! It is really pretty. I too am guilty of over-indulging in Venomous Villains! I SO excited for it!! I went over my initial budget by $100! But don't tell ;-) You should still be able to snag this. It hasn't even been released everywhere and it's still available at Sephora! Good Luck!