Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NEW SugarPill Chromalusts!!

Left to Right
Weekender, Birthday Girl, Tipsy, Paperdoll
Magentric, Stella, Darling
 Hi Guys! When I saw SugarPill had released 7 new ChromaLust Loose Shadows I knew I had to have them! These are the same bright, pigmented and interesting colors I've come to know and love from this company. I do find that the base and application of these shadows do affect the look of them greatly. For me the best way to use these are mixed with M.A.C's waterbased mixing medium and applied over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.
 I then proceed to brush some of the pigment dry on top of the color to "set it" and give it extra oomph. You can of course use whatever base and mixing medium you choose. A few of these do seem to be more on the matte/powdery side but when applied (at least the way I described above) this didn't seem to be the case. Go figure. I did attempt to use 2 of these over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, but it didn't work the way I wanted. This could be because 1) I was using a Q-Tip for all my swatching and Pixie Epoxy is tacky and 2) Not everything is meant to be used over Pixie Epoxy. Trust me. I do plan on seeing which of these shades I can get away using Pixie Epoxy with though and let you know. I do believe these are best used over some type of base. When I swatched these without a base they were quite unremarkable on my hand save Tipsy and Stella. However if you just want a nice very sheer wash of color I think you may be able to get away with that. You guys will have to let me know what you find out! To puchase click me! Now on to color descriptions and photos!

Birthday Girl- This is a pretty midtone pink with rich pink shimmer. This is one of the matte powdery shades. This color is deceiving as I thought it was going to be a light powdery color on my lids. Not so at all! It was a quiet hot pink! I LOVED it. It's the hot shy cousin of SugarPill's Decora ChromaLust! Again this could be the way I applied it which was over UDPP and with the mixing medium.

Darling- Another matte one. The color is absolutely STUNNING! It's so bright and rich. It's a bold turquoise with blue sparkles. I adore this shade. This would make and incredible liner or accent color. I of course went for the gusto and used it as a lid color. I applied it the same way as above.

Paperdoll (Such a cute name!)- This is also matte. It's a rich bright lavender with pink sparks. When I applied this to my lid it was about two shades darker and not powdery at all. This is a stunner for brown eyes! I'm kind of curious about how I can work this into a cheek color....

Tipsy- This is a bright grassy apple green with golden lime shimmer. When I swatch this dry on or over a base it doesn't do it any justice compared to when it's wet. This is best used wet as it transforms into this vivid sparkly green! And don't get me started on how amazing it looks when I dust more onto it dry! WOW! What an amazing liner this would make! I paired this with Darling and it was fabulous!

Weekender- This is cool indigo infused with puple, pink, blue and white frost/shimmer. I love this color! It's one of my favorites. This turns metallic when applied wet. This would make a gourgeous liner, or lipcolor!

Stella- A smoky black infused with silver, pink, green, blue and peachy-orange sparkles. This is SUCH a pretty color! This is made for smoky eyes! It would make a gorgeous liner as well. When I applied it to my lid the sparkles were on my lid, not on my face. Gorgeous!

Magentric- This is a hot metallic raspberry pink with blue sparks. I love this color! Use it wet, set it and it's magic! One of my faves!

My Recommendations:
Deep Skin: Tipsy, Darling, Magentric, Weekender and Stella
Medium Skin: Magentric, Paperdoll, Birhtday Girl, Darling and Stella
Fair Skin: Tipsy, Darling, Weekender, Paperdoll and Stella

Warm Skin: Tipsy, Stella, Magentric, Darling
Neutral Skin: Birthday Girl, Stella, Magentric and Darling
Cool Skin: Weekender, Stella, Paperdoll and Darling

Top to Bottom: Paperdoll, Darling Bithday Girl, Tipsy,
Weekender, Magentric, Stella
No Base

Left to Rgiht: Paperdoll, Darling, Birthday Girl
Tipsy, Weekender, Magentric
Stella along bottom
All over Urban Decay Primer Potion

 Left to Right: Weekender, Birthday Girl,
Tipsy, Paperdoll (on bottom)

 Left to RIght: Magentric, Stella,

 The packaging and extras!

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