Saturday, September 11, 2010


Top: Pixie Epoxy
Left to Right: Immortality, Boy Toy
Avenging Salem, Dressed to Kill
            Hi!! If you can't tell, I'm super excited! I just discovered this fabulous little cosmetic company named Fyrinnae! It was all just by chance actually. I was on Lipglossiping reading one of her posts and she was showing how different eyeshadows looked on different eyeshadow bases one of which being Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. After seeing the comparison I knew I had to have it! One trip to Fyrinnae's website later and I was sold!
 Now first let me be clear, Pixie Epoxy isn't a base. It's something you apply OVER your base to make glittery shadows hold their glitter and be more vibrant. The last part I added because it really does make them more vibrant and look the way they do in the pan on your eye. I have so many shadows that look so fun and glittery in the pan and then when you put them on, you have a sheer mess on your lids and glittery cheeks. Not cool. I tried this under my shadow and was blown away! This stuff is award-winning as far as I'm (and hoards of others) concerned and needs to be in your stash NOW!! More deets here!

           While on the site I noticed they had pages & pages of gorgeous loose shadows (and more!)! Typical me decided I wanted to give the loose shadows a try and so I ordered 3. The order got here amazingly fast and included a free sample! It was well packed outside as well as inside. I CANNOT wait to place more orders with them! They have incredible color combinations that sound SO AMAZING! Below are not official color descriptions, but rather my take on how the colors looked to me. I also posted swatches but they do not do these products justice. You can find out more about this incredible company and its products here!

Avenging Salem- A black base loaded with fuschia purple glitter So pretty
Dressed To Kill- A gilded mossy chatreuse lime loaded with copper, emerald green and lime glitter. So incredible!!
Immortality- A almost black base loaded with purple, green, gold and blue glitter. Sumptuous!
Boy Toy (my sample!)- A gorgeous glimmering forest green with bright deep green sparkles. Beautiful!

Top Row: Avenging Salem, Immortality
Bottom Row: Dressed to Kill, Boy Toy
 No Base

Left to Right: Boy Toy, Avenging Salem
Dressed to Kill, Immortality
All Over Pixie Epoxy

Top to Bottom over Pixie Epoxy
Boy Toy, Avenging Salem, Dressed to Kill

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