Friday, May 14, 2010

Kissable Couture Review!

Hey Guys! Back in the winter I discovered Kissable Couture lipgloss. For those of you that don't know it's a line of lipgloss created by Keisha Whitaker (Yep, Forests' wife) and her makeup artist AJ Crimson. I'd been wanting to try it, but it wasn't that accesible and a bit on the pricey ($22 per tube) side. (For comparisons sake M.A.C lipglass cotains 0.17 oz and Kissable Couture contains 0.16 oz) Not only that but I have an unessessary amount of lipgloss and wondered what was so different about this product as opposed to the hundreds already on the market.
Well a few weeks ago I was browsing QVC's website and saw a Kissable Couture Kit! It was featuring a QVC exclusive kit and color (Glamour) with a special introductory price so I nabbed it, and let me say I'm hooked! Why? Because just like the name says, its kissable AND couture! Kissable because you need nothing (I mean nothing) else on your lips besides this! I give all my lipglosses claiming to be moisturizing the same test. Wait for my lips to get dry, apply product and wait. 9.9 times out of 10 I am disappointed in their moisturization qualities and so naturally I was expecting this product to fail as well. Boy was I wrong. I could not believe how well this moisturized my lips. I began using it as a sexy balm. I kept one in my purse so when my lips got dry I'd slick on a layer and feel all kindsa sexy (and hydrated!) Maybe its my imagination but my lips appeared more full as well! It's Couture because the consistency of this gloss is unlike any I've ever tried. It's not sticky, or thick in the least. I suppose thin is the wrong word but that's all I can think of. Before I looked in the mirror I'd applied it and was disappointed because it didn't feel like gloss usually does. I assumed because of the products slight consistnency its impact and pigmentation would be lacking, but again I was SO wrong. I was so surprised and excited when I looked in the mirror. This gloss was truly sexy. Sexy in a way that said this is the way classy mature women wear gloss. It's not fussy and you don't need a mirror. There's no sticky film as the gloss wears off either. I'd say I got about 3.5 hours of solid wear out of my application with out really eating or drinking. Keisha was dead on when she said that this gloss is perfect for the woman on the go. It really is! I simply adore it and recommend it for everyone!! Rarely does a product become a staple for me because I have SO much makeup but this has. I really can't say enough about it! Even the smell is pleasant and the packaging makes you feel special when you open it. I give this a 10 out of 10!  You can purchase Kissable Couture here.  Now on to swatches!


  1. Really this one is so beautiful and exciting design. It seems so kissing. I don’t think that this type of high fashion design and gloss are affordable. This will perfectly suit on lips of mature and elegant lady.

  2. I agree, this is geared more towards more mature women. Unfortunately products like this are more expensive, and in my own experiences harder to find. I looked for quite some time trying to find these and when I did the price deterred me. Had I not found these on sale, I may still be undecided on purchasing them. But then again these are marketed towards a different audience than me and I understand that. Oh well Que Cera Cera!