Friday, April 2, 2010

SugarPill Review & Swatches!!

What better way to start my blog than with a review of the insanely popular new cosmetic line Sugarpill?! I recieved my order this past Monday and I must say I'm in love! I've already placed a second order for more of the loose shadows! (Asylum & Decora) Sugarpill is the brainchild of Shrinkle (Amy) and I must say she really hit the ball out of the park with her line. It's bright AND pigmented! This is exactly what I've been looking for, and I couldn't be more pleased with my package! The colors are smooth, easy to blend and totally unique. The excitement begins before you even open the box. Its's a white box with the SugarPill logo printed on front along with a cute sticker. Inside everything is wrapped in hot pink tissue and you recieve a SugarPill logo sticker, Amy's business card and a two-sided Sugarpill card featuring looks from the line. You've got to give this a try! My current faves are: Royal Sugar, Hysteric, Burining Heart Quad and Sweetheart Quad. You can purchase Sugarpill here.

Chroma Lust Loose Shadows:
Hysteric- Metallic mid-tone purple with teal glitter (that actually stays on your eyes instead of falling onto your cheeks!)
Royal Sugar- OMG Rich Velvet Royal Blue with copious amounts of sky blue glitter. Awesome all over the lid or as a liner.
Goldilux- Metallic true gold. Stunning!
Tiara- Rich metallic silver
Magpie- Sooty blackend teal
Absinthe- Bold golden electric lime green. Super pretty!
Starling- Metallic deep sky blue. Gorgeous lid color!

L-R (Top): Royal Sugar, Magpie, Tiara, Absinthe, Starling
L-R (Bottom): Goldilux, Hysteric
These pictures were taken inside with no flash.

Arm Swatches:
Left side applied dry, no base. Right side applied with M.A.C Water Based Mixing Medium

Tiara, Hysteric
GoldiluxAbsintheStarlingRoyal SugarMagpie

Burning Heart Quad & Sweet Heart Quad
These are two of my favorite pieces in the SugarPill line. These colors are sold seperately as well but you do save a bit by purchasing them in quad form. Burning Heart quad is a VERY pigmented warm toned palette containing:
Poison Plum: A warm toned low-pearl purple. Gorgeous! This color is a must have!
Love+: WOW! So red! Uber pigmented and absolutely beautiful.
Buttercupcake: Okay the name is so cute and it makes me hungry! Its a bright sunny yellow.
Flamepoint: A rich and highly pigmented orange. So pretty!

Sweetheart Quad:
Dollipop: HOT HAUTE Pink! So bright and pigmented. Stunning on the skin!
Tako: Stark matte white. A must in your makeup kit. Trust me, you will use it.
Afterparty: Bold pealry cerulean blue. Super pigmented and absolutely gorgeous!
Midori: One of my favorite liquers and eyeshadows in this quad. Pearly, bright & deep spring kelly green

L-R: Dollipop,Tako, Afterparty, Midori                                                            

Burning Heart(L-R): Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum


  1. great swatches! Thank you!! I love these quads!

  2. Thanks, no problem! I love them too! :)